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Welcome to Foxed. Let’s get to reading.

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This is NOT a generic subscription service or a cute book-based quiz. Foxed is different. Our goal isn't just to get you reading, it is to put the right pages in your hand. It is to encourage readers to take literary risks and alleviate the fear of picking a bad book match. We take your preferences and send you an individualized selection of reads.Want more nonficiton in your life? We can help with that. Need some happy endings? We've got you covered. Aching for an epic fantasy series, a keep you up all night thriller, a funny memoir, or book that will challenge the way you think? We're here for you. Your reading life may just become as adventurous as Walter Mitty's daydreams.

say goodbye to guessing

reading isn't one size fits all

We believe in all books. Fiction to biographies, Poetry to prose. Our reading lives shouldn't be limited to current publications so our selections are as varied as your favorite book store. We search through all sorts of reads- classics, hidden gems from ten years ago, a stumbled upon winner, and the latest releases to find the best matches.


how it works

-you purchase a Foxed box and fill out your preferences

-we send you titles based on your data

-you give us a green light if you haven’t read them

-we deliver a perfectly personalized selection of pages to your doorstep

-you read, enjoy, repeat

Giving books a new home is pretty awesome. So is keeping our prices affordable. We source great quality gently-loved books that are always new to you! Your purchase is broadening your horizons as well as helping recycle and reuse. In our book, that is a win.

why used books?