Foxed is the term used for the color of vintage books, the cozy brown they turn as the pages curl with age. It is also a nod to You've Got Mail and our love for Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox.

Our goal is first and foremost to provide customers with the best possible titles. We search through genres and time periods to uncover amazing books to fit your mood! Primary, we focus on backlist titles to discover hidden gems and books that aren't as popular on social media. 

Our books are a mix of paperback and hardback. Unfortunately we can not take requests for paperback/hardback because the binding and number of copies we have vary month to month. 

Patreon is an online community platform that allows us to connect with customers in new ways! For $5 a month you can join and be a part of our virtual bookclubs, get personalized book recommendations, amazing downloads, discounts, and even more. It's also a way to be a part of the Foxed community if you live outside of the US or if a full subscription is beyond your current budget!

Shipping & Subscriptions

Due to the surprise nature of our boxes and the fact that we are all book lovers, we occasionally send a customer a title they already own and love! It happens rarely, we are pretty darn good at our job and finding new-to-you books. However, if it happens, simply email us at and we will send you a replacement title! You don't need to send the duplicate title back, just be a bookish best friend and pass it on to someone new.

Our book shipments are a surprise! We do not reveal the titles until after the shipment date. We've got a pretty great track record of sending books you love.

Due to the nature of our subscriptions, we are unable to swap out books if you don't like one or aren't interested in a title. By signing up for a subscription, you are agreeing to receive the surprise books we send. Who knows? After a few pages you might find your new favorite novel. 

Unfortunately, no. We currently only ship to the US and its territories. However, if you live in a different country you can still join our Patreon and we can give you personalized book recommendations that way!

Yes! Just log in to your customer page and you can make changes to your account. You can update your address, what type of subscription you have, genre preference, or cancel.

Email us with any questions we can help you with at

Please see our return and refund policy here. Refund Policy