What I Read: January 2017

My home is filled with books. When some people say this, they mean it in a figuratively way. They may have a full kindle, a few well-loved paperbacks, and some gorgeous hardbacks on display. In our little lodge, there are books stuffed in every corner. The mantle, the back of the toilet, the guest room, the dresser, the bar cart, the actual bookcases, and even the laundry room.  Yes, you read that correctly. This doesn't even begin to touch on the books I rent from the library. I purchase about 25% of what I read. The rest gets lugged back and forth from the nearest library in a stripped bag I have used for books since I was five. Not much has changed.

All of that to say, I love reading. It's a huge part of my life. So I'm going to try to start recapping what I read each month to hopefully give you some new ideas for your shelves (or closets, empty kitchen cabinets, ect) 

What I Read: January


Present over Perfect:

Oh Shauna, you speak my language. Gorgeous, raw words on gaining your life back. While I have loved every one of her books, this is, in my opinion, her best and most beautiful work. At lunch one day, I tried to force my copy into a friend's hand until she agreed to go to Barnes and Noble on her way home.

verdict: buy

The Food Lover's Cleanse:

I love cookbooks. I read them like novels at night, soaking up the recipes and stories from chefs. This was an impulse purchase at Anthropologie one day and it has turned out to be incredible. We are cooking from it 3-4 nights a week right now and haven't had a bad meal yet. It's not a diet book like the title makes you think. Rather, it's a book filled with meals that are grouped by season. It takes advantage of what is available each month and creates healthy and truly delicious meals.


verdict: buy and make the curried pork ASAP

Bridget Jones Diary:

The original Bridget Jones. How could I resist? The movies are some of my all-time favorites (yes, even the newest one with Patrick Dempsey) so when I found the books at Half-Price, I snatched them up. This is a short and easy read, light-hearted and written in diary form. This may be blasphemous, but I think I prefer the movie. 

verdict: library or skip

Chasing Slow:

It was so good I read it twice in a row. While I'm not a minimalist, Erin's words on less, contentment, and letting go were achingly beautiful. Her writing style is a mix of conversation and poetry. It's incredibly unique and lovely. Plus, for anyone who is a tactile person, this book is a win. The pages are thick, filled with interesting graphic design, and extra photos, occasional recipes, and fun ramblings. I have recommended this book to every single one of my friends. That means you need to hop off the internet right now and go grab a copy. Do it.

verdict: buy

A Series of Unfortunate Events (books 1-3):

The Jim Carrey movie of these books has been a long time family favorite. When we found out Netflix was developing the books into an original series, we had a group text that counted down the days until it released. However, none of us had ever read the books! Over a long road trip with my man, I went through the first three to prep for the show. They are charming, gloomy, and quirky. Even though they are children's' books, they are wonderfully written and worth the time.

verdict: library or audiobook

In our living room, I created a small reading nook that has a table with all of my upcoming reads. It is STACKED. It's a blend of purchased books I haven't dived into and a few old trusted re-reads. February may be a shorter month, but it's colder days mean plenty of pages get turned. 

And seriously, go grab Chasing Slow right now.