Lately, writing has looked different. I've been out of the house speaking, traveling, and flowering the past few weeks prompting me to write on the move, filling pages of a moleskin notebook with handwritten thoughts. There are pros and cons, it's slower and tiring but I feel each word come out and enjoy the rush of finishing a page. As I've been moving quickly, I've been reading. Mostly lighthearted fiction and well-written business books. However, last week, I started Curious Faith by Logan Wolfram and it is brilliant. Two chapters in and my book is marked up and tabbed as I try to get every nugget of truth out of her words. 

"So we define rock bottom to shore up our theology, to give us space to move in curiosity. If the lowest we ever allow ourselves to sink still proclaims a story of redemption, then even the deepest deep is a springboard for forward movement again" Logan Wolfram

See what I mean? Brilliant. Because it doesn't matter if you are a person of faith or not, defining the bottom gives room for hope. 


That definition comes from our truths. What do we know to be unflappable? For me, that is the goodness of Christ. At the bottom of the pit, he is still faithful, generous, and loving. Jesus still rescued me and chases after me, despite the circumstances. Maybe for you, it isn't Jesus (although I hope it is. and if it isn't, let's talk) but rather the truth of your family. Stability and comfort branch out from our roots. This means that in your darkest and most painful moments, your family will still love and support you. Perhaps the truth you use to define the bottom is about nature, friendship, or even cake. Cake will always taste good no matter the season. Whatever the truth, it shifts our eyes off our posture and onto a promise.

When my health is crumbling, Jesus is still sure.

When I am grieving, Jesus is still sure.

When our finances look hopeless, Jesus is still sure.

When my husband accidentally shrinks three of my shirts, Jesus is still sure.

When a friend causes pain, when I don't get the job, when I can't lose the weight, when taxes are due, when my favorite TV show is on break, when a loved one moves away, when the dog won't stop barking at the neighbor's chickens- JESUS IS STILL SURE.

Defining the bottom doesn't take the discomfort out of our lowest periods. However, it does take some of the wind out of the sails. Because whatever happens can't change our truth. So yes, it will sting like a mother and feel like it will break us but ultimately, we know that is false. With truth, the bottom becomes a quick resting point, a pause before the redemption story. 

So let's shore up our theology and create some definitions. In fact, let's change the darkest season from a deep pit to a trampoline, where truth pulls us up when we've fallen down.

Jesus, you are sure. Praise to the one who is, who has been, and who is to come. The bottom holds nothing on you.




Meredith Harper