Moxie: A Series on Self- Care Intro

Salut les amis! Welcome to a new series on self-care. I've always adored the word moxie and her synonyms, gumption and zest. To wake up full of energy, to have courage, well isn't that what self-care is all about? We must be determined to practice wellness which then leads to some pep in our step. See? Moxie.

In no way am I an expert in self-care. In fact, I am far from it. Everyone, from  doctors to family to strangers, have pointed out my lack of aptitude in this area over the past year. For me, it does not come naturally. Even growing up, I struggled to remember to wash my face or take great care of my hair. The unintentional ignoring of nourishing myself has lead to bad habits that I'm now trying to reconcile. This year, it has been a priority of mine to foster health in all areas of my life. While it's been a flop at times, I have gathered up a little hoard of tips and tricks that I have come to love. 

Above all, writing about self-care holds me accountable. I am not a fashion or lifestyle blogger, nor do I want to be. You will never find photos of my outfits or home  decor in these pages (you really wouldn't want to either) I am a writer, I observe and process what is happening in my life through tangible words. This means that if I'm not diligently practicing the art of wellness than I have nothing to write about, at least for this series. We all know I have plenty of words about other things! But writing here, sharing my journey, it puts backbone in to my efforts and spurs me on. 

Every opinion I give in these posts are my own. I'm not being sponsored to write or share my favorite products and tips. These posts contain what works for ME but we are all individuals so find what works best for you!

Moxie. Let's chase it down together. 


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