in the gap

Last week, in a moment of humility and panic, I texted a few of my friends who I know are prayer warriors. Things were spinning out of control on a huge project for my business and I needed intervention in the form of encouragement and heavenly pleas. One of the women, my new friend Taylor, responded so beautifully. "I'm standing in that gap for you"

In the place where I couldn't be, a place of petition and focus because my attention was required elsewhere, she stood. In my mind, I pictured a round wall, like a well, with a few places crumbling down. While I was down in the bottom trying to produce water, the walls were starting to develop holes. These women came alongside and strengthened the stones, patched up the openings, and prayed.

Every day we have gaps where our desires and limits meet. There will never be enough time, energy, faith, or strength for us to build a standing wall all on our own. And my goodness, if we have gaps on a daily basis how many more holes do we have in a time of conflict or stress? We may as well be holding up a piece of swiss cheese.

Perhaps that is the key element in friendship- finding a person who will stand in the gap for you. And maybe that is the key element to being a good friend- standing in the gap for others. The areas that are easy for me to hold up in my own life create some extra length in my arms to be able to reach over and hold stones up in someone else's life. When I don't know what it looks like, these women are showing me how. Taylor prayed against enemy attack. Ellen prayed for faith. Lauren prayed for peace. The areas I am weak in, the places that are challenging for me on a good day let alone a bad one, they stepped in. The list goes on and on of the prayers that came pouring in over the next forty-eight hours as I worked. It brought me to my knees in gratitude. It challenged me beyond belief.

Am I someone who stands in the gap? Do friends rely on me to fill openings and bolster crumbling walls? Oh, I hope so. It's an area I'm praying for growth in, actively seeking opportunities to stand in the gap for my people. I'm not sure if it requires an increase in capacity or a simple rearranging of strength but either way, I want that. I want the words Taylor spoke to be a part of my daily life.

So friends, I'm learning. I'm standing in that gap for you. Together, we will make beautiful and unbreakable walls. 


Meredith Harper