Moxie: A Series on Self-Care (skincare)

Taking care of my skin has always been a bit of challenge. After battling eczema for years, my relationship with my skin became a bit tumulous. Every product enraged my sensitive face so I simply did nothing and hoped for the best. However, a problem arose when stress, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep began to get the best of me. Suddenly, breakouts were a daily battle and they added yet another reason to why I was frenemies with my face. 

Transitioning into late-twenties is interesting. My friends who once shopped at Forever 21 now share favorite face care products and text "don't forget to wear sunscreen!" There is a push to take better care of our bodies, especially when it comes to reducing the appearance of age. Enter skin care. Now, the majority of people I know use Roden & Fields. Their top of the line products produces incredible results and rave reviews. For our budget and for my skin type I needed something a little more gentle (on my face and wallet) After some research, I stumbled upon the Korean skin care routine. It's not a set product but rather a multi-step process that focuses on hydration. I've been doing this for a little over a month and have seen WONDERFUL results. Plus, going through the steps every night signals my brain that it is time to wind down. Win-win.

Here are the steps I use! It may seem overwhelming but ultimately it is easy, takes under 5 minutes, and leaves your skin feeling plump and healthy. Click on the steps for the link to the products I use.

Remove Makeup- oil based cleanser. (coconut oil works like a champ)

Decongesting Cleanser- I use one by Bioelements. This is a deeper cleanser that removes dirt and cleans out pores. Usually, these type of cleansers have Retinol which is a common anti-acne and aging ingredient. However, Retinol makes me sunburn super easily and leaves my skin peeling. This cleanser has different ingredients and has been incredible!!

Toner/Exfoliant- Unfortunately, a touch of rosacea on my cheeks and chin means I have to stray away from traditional gritty exfoliants.  Thankfully, I found a Burt's Bees toner which has some natural exfoliants in it. As an added bonus, it combines two steps into one, shortening my overall routine. If you prefer a scrub you could do that instead! Just make sure you use a toner to remove any excess cleanser before moving onto the next step.

Serum- By far, this is the most luxurious step of the night. Serums pack giant amounts of hydration into a few drops. I use one by BodyMerry (what an adorable name) with Vitamin C and green tea extracts that promotes dewy, radiant skin. A little bit goes a long way!

 Eye CreamTruthfully, this may not be making a large difference presently. I'm in it for the long game, believing that using a few drops of this a night will keep my eyes as youthful as possible. Plus, it's a good idea to be nice to our eyes after we rub them, put mascara on them, and expose them to sun and screens all day.  Again, I use an extra hydrating one from Burt's Bees that is natural and great but there are a ton on the market that are worth the investment!

Moisturizer- This simple step helps seal in all your hard work. I use an oil free, SPF free moisturizer for bed time by Neutrogena. It's effective and inexpensive. Win, win.

Sleep Pack- If you learn one thing and purchase one thing from this post, let it be this.  The Korean's finish the night with something they call a sleep pack. Essentially, it is a crazy thick moisturizer that acts as a sleeping bag for your face. It seals in all the goodness from previous steps and plums up your skin so it feels luscious.  A few months ago, I stumbled upon Glossier, the most incredible skincare line ever. I'm madly deeply in love. Their moon mask is the PERFECT sleep pack. I layer it on before bed and never wash it off. The first night I put it on, I made my man feel my face because it was too soft not to share. It's the product I can't stop telling people about. 

So that is the long-winded nighttime routine.

In the morning, I wash my face with a milk based cleanser (also by Glossier) and throw on a layer of moisturizer with an spf. Most days I try to not wear makeup or touch my face. The only makeup I've been wearing lately is the boy brow and haloscope by Glossier. 

The other big item on my skin care list is drinking water. The Korean's believe in hydration both internally and externally. Ultimately, that is what helps reduce the appearance of age. So grab a fun water bottle and start guzzling. Maybe we will all look twenty when we are forty. (Lord, please.)


Lastly, want 20% off a Glossier order? Use this link and it will apply at checkout. WORTH IT. 

Meredith Harper