Top Ten Books of 2017 (plus November+December's reads)

Here it is, the reading recap of the year. This year, I managed a respectable 59 books. I wish I had snuck in a few more but if you recall, May was the month of unfinished books. There were three books I picked up and just could not make it through so I'll accept my 59 with pride.

November/December contained very little reading. Holidays meant we were traveling often and our schedules were packed. I managed to get through three books (one of which was over 500 pages, so that counts for a few more, right?) Two of them are listed below, and you will find the third on the top ten book list! 

November/December Reads

Crazy Rich Asians


An interesting novel of wealth, family dysfunction, and Asian culture. The author has stated that this series is an attempt to introduce North American's to what contemporary Asia is actually like. It's a marriage of Gossip Girl and Singapore which is intriguing and educational. The book is told from multiple characters perspectives which I always enjoy. While not earth-shattering or gush-worthy, it is a series I will continue in the new year!

verdict: library





Bridget Jones Edge of Reason


Why did I do this to myself again? I hated the first book but went ahead and pushed forward. Apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment. It was written in diary form, again, and was all over the place. Yet again, I loved the movie way more than the book. Beware, I already own the third book so I will probably read it this coming year and hate it. I have an illness.

Verdict: Skip



TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2017 (in no particular order)

1. Present over Perfect

2. Born Standing Up

3. Curious Faith

4. Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

5. Bookshop on the Corner

6. Picnic in Provance

8. The Bookman's Tale

9. Chasing Slow

10. Improbability of Love***

Let's talk about the Improbability of Love. This was a November/December read and it was BRILLIANT. Fair warning, it's long. But goodness, it is worth it. This book follows a piece of art that is seemingly insignificant but is actually a piece of a huge puzzle that is decades in the making. Throw in complex characters, family secrets, art galleries and sales, and a heavy dose of intrigue and you have a real page-turner.  I picked this book up in England this summer based primarily on the cover. The title made me think it would be a romance but once I read the synopsis and dove in, I couldn't have been more pleased that I had been wrong. Y'all, this one is a winner. Grab yourself a copy ASAP. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable reading year. However, I'm already knee deep in 2018 reading. This year I'm hoping to devour a bit more non-fiction, authors of different nationalities, and a few classics. Monthly(ish) recaps will be heading your way so stay tuned!

Happy reading.