What I Read: June 2018

It was a big month for reading and an exciting month for books in our home. We started working on a new project, a potential business centered on books, which has been incredibly fun and challenging! I can not wait to give you all the details on it. For now, know that my days are spent hustling during nap times and my nights are spent devouring as many books as possible. It's about to get good, y'all. Here are the pages that filled June- an eclectic range of genres that all contain heavy doses of fun. 

Also, in case you are confused by my verdicts, here is a quick breakdown. Skip is pretty obvious. Library means it's up to you. It's worth me suggesting but not worth you going out and buying it. If you have other books you want to read, I'd choose those first then use the library ones as backup. Read is obvious as well. It's worth putting it on hold at the library or finding it at your local Half Price Books. And if I tell you to buy a book then it is a straight winner. Don't question it, just do it. 


Jane Steele-


A reimagining based off of Jane Eyre. Jane loves the book Jane Eyre and decides to keep a journal or rather confession. She is a serial killer, resourceful, and sarcastic. As she navigates life on the run, she winds back up at her childhood home as the governess (using a fake name of course). A mystery emerges, a love story develops, and a few more murders just for good measure. It is smart, not overly dark, written like a classic, and hilarious at parts. I sent this to my friend, Kim, after reading it because it was too good not to share. 

Verdict- read

*Everybody, Always


Bob Goff's new book is beautiful. It will force you to examine your life and decide if you are truly loving people well. After I finished reading it, I immediately started it again, this time reading it with my husband. In our current climate of division, struggle, and angst, this book will lift your spirits and remind you that yes, one person can make a difference. And, that one person can be you. 

Verdict- MUST READ. Buy it right now.

The Fortune Hunter


Historical fiction is never a genre I reach toward unless it has a twist or unique subplot. However, I found this book and loved the cover and the description. It is based on an actual love triangle and follows the lives of the participants over the course of a few months. There is no big twist, no big adventure, it simply tells the story of a small moment in time. It surprised me when I realized I enjoyed it. The main character is quirky, the man is frustrating but likable, and the ending was happy but not cliche. I will definitely read another of her books soon!

Verdict- library

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra


An adorable mystery series set in India? Sign me up. I first saw this book in my favorite bookstore in the world- Topping & Co in Bath, England and knew I had to read it.  Inspector Chopra retires from the police force and on the same day two interesting things happen. First, he is given a baby elephant. Second, he stumbles into an interesting case that demands his attention. It is a short, fun, exciting read. There are two more in this series and I can not wait to read them! 

Verdict- library (read it preferably on a beach with something fruity in hand)

**Born A Crime


This is on my top five favorite books of ALL TIME. Yes, you read that correctly. Trevor Noah is the current host of the daily show and this is his memoir of growing up in South Africa. Alternating between heartbreaking, laugh out loud funny, and educational, this book will change the way you see the world. I read huge chunks out loud to my husband and still can not stop talking about it. It is a book that will make you realize just how little we know about the world and each other. Trevor is impressively wise and a beautiful writer. If you read one non-fiction book this year, make it Born a Crime. I can not say enough good things about this book. Be prepared to laugh, reflect, and change the way you think. Plus, if you pair this with Everybody, Always, you may just set the world on fire with kindness. 

Verdict- if you don't Amazon Prime this right now then you are in the wrong

A Monstrous Regiment of Women


The second book in Laurie King's series did not disappoint. If you remember from The Beekeeper's Apprentice (read earlier this year) this series follows Mary Russel, a girl who meets Sherlock Holmes when he is retired. She becomes his apprentice and in her twenties, they end up working together to solve mysteries around Europe. This second book involves a gathering of feminist women, suspicious deaths of wealthy girls, wills leaving large sums of money to an organization, and a surprising romance. These books are written in an old-fashioned manner with similar verbiage to the original Sherlock Holmes books but they are engaging from the first chapter. I finished this in one night, staying up way too late but enjoying every second.

Verdict- read



A fast, adorable read about the marriage of technology and food, a failed restaurant, an overworked coder, and the power of bread. I'm team gluten so this was an extra enjoyable read. It's a book you could easily read in a weekend so it's perfect for a beach getaway. The main character, Louis, finds her life turned upside down when she inherits a sourdough starter that has a mind of its own. Throw in a robotic arm, a technology-driven underground farmers market, a pen pal, and a club of old ladies all named Louis and you have a giant whimsical adventure. I wouldn't buy it but definitely grab it if you see it at the library.

Verdict- library


Happy summer reading! 



Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge

*a book recommended by someone with great taste (Amie York)

** a book by someone of a different race, ethnicity, or religion than you