A dark green book with postcards on the cover and the word FAQ printed over it.



+ What makes Foxed different from other book subscription services?

The short answer? Personalization. We select books for every customer based on their individual taste and desires. Our focus is YOU, not pushing current publications or sending the same books in every box. We are the best possible combination of convenient online shopping, the charm of your local library or indie book seller, and the technology of your favorite streaming service that suggests what you watch next. That combination makes us pretty special!

+ What comes in a box?

Unless otherwise stated in an items description, our boxes are filled with just the good stuff- books! Occasionally we will do fun boxes with other items included. Those will always be noted in the shop and announced through our email list and social media channels.

+ What does Foxed mean?

Foxed is the color of old book pages, that wonderful golden brown color that shows up on the edges. It's also a nod to You've Got Mail for all our Nora Ephron fans out there.

+ Can I work for Foxed?

You are so kind to ask! We are currently working with a small team and a few interns but are rapidly growing. As we have job openings, we will be sure to let you know!


+ When can I order boxes?

Subscriptions are availible at anytime. Our single boxes are availible at the begining of each month and usually sell out in about a week.

+ Why are quantities limited?

We keep quantities limited to ensure great quality and to allow us to grow at a manageable rate. Our previous customers and email list get updated first when we open ordering. Be sure to sign up if you are wanting to grab a box.

+ When do boxes ship?

Boxes ship twice a month, around the 1st and 15th depending on how the calendar falls. (If the 15th is a Sunday, boxes go out on the 14th or 16th) All boxes are shipped with Media Mail and usually arive within a week.

If you place your order between the 25th-6th your box ships on the 15th. (Ex: Order placed October 27th ships November 15th) If you place your order the 7th-24th your box ships on the 1st. (Ex: Order placed on October 18th ships on November 1st)

+ Do you offer international shipping?

We currently do not offer international shipping but are working hard to find affordable ways to make this happen!

+ What is the return/refund policy?

Unless an item has been damaged in shipping, we do not accept returns or refunds.

+ Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely, though we will be sorry to see you go. You can cancel your subscription through your account.

+ What happens if I don't fill out my reader profile?

If you don't complete your profile within a week, we send follow up emails reminding you to fill it out. If you do not fill out your reader profile by the ship date, we will send you a box of randomly selected books. Without the reader profile we are unable to select tailored book recomendations for you.

+ Why used books?

We source great quality used books for our boxes for two reasons. First, it keeps our cost point affordable! We believe that owning books should be an accessible option for everyone and sourcing used books helps us achieve that mission. Secondly, giving books a second life is a fantastic feeling. We aren’t against new books- we love publishing houses, believe in the value of pre-ordering, and champion new books of our favorite authors. However, if there is already a gently loved copy of a novel out in the world that we can adopt, we are all for it.

+ What type of books does Foxed send?

It depends on your reader profile! We scour all genres and publication dates to find the best books for you.

+ What if I already own a book I receive?

We email out the book selections to get your approval before they make their way to the mail. If you purchase one of our pre-selected boxes, there is always a risk you may already own or have read a book you receive. If that happens, we suggest sharing it with a friend.