Purchase a box and fill out a reader profile. Tell us what you want more of, what you need less of, and what you adore (even if it’s Twilight). Choose a one time order or a subscription to keep you reading. Then we do our magic and pair you with books. Our track record blows dating apps out of the water.



Receive a personalized selection of books. We email you our top picks for you to make sure you haven’t read them previously. Once you give the green light, we move to step three.


The best book box around hits your doorstep! We send you a perfectly curated selection of new-to-you books in an adorable box that is sure to brighten your day. The books are yours to read, keep, and add to your own personal library.

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Read your books. Take your books on a date to a coffee shop, a park, or a cozy chair, and dive in. Fill your time with great pages then give us feedback on what you read! With every box, we get better at selecting books for you individual taste. Post, share, tell everyone you meet, but most importantly READ. That’s the whole point!