Sweater Weather (preselected, 3 month subscription)

Sweater Weather (preselected, 3 month subscription)


School is in session which means it is officially fall. Whether you are experiencing crisp days up north or sweltering heat down south, our Sweater Weather subscription will give you all the autumn vibes. This three month, pre-selected subscription will have you craving apple cider and pumpkin patches. Each month’s box will contain two books our team has chosen that are perfect for fall reading.

September’s box contains a school themed read that will make you crave a locker and a glamorous historical fiction that is perfect for hiding behind a textbook.

October’s box contains a cozy mystery for crisp afternoons and a creepy thriller for late night scare sessions.

November’s box contains a family drama to remind you that even during the holidays your family is pretty great and a heartwarming novel that will have you giving thanks.

Boxes will ship September 15, October 15, and November 15

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